Because sexy is not a size!

Sunday Afternoon Wall Sculptures
Sunday Afternoon Wall Sculptures
Sunday Afternoon Wall Sculptures
Sunday Afternoon Wall Sculptures

Sunday Afternoon Wall Sculptures

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You will receive the Ruby, Jezebel and Sophia body-positivity wall sculptures and any 2 greeting cards of your choice.

"There is nothing sexier than my authentic truth". 

I made these wall plaques to celebrate the authentic sexiness of the large woman, all her voluptuous curves and folds, bumps, and rounds. The intrinsic feminity of the curvaceous woman can not be denied and should be honored and respected!

Ravishing Ruby knows that she is sexy at any size.
Radical body love is her anthem.
Her curvaceous hips and ample bosom arouse the most ardent of admirers.
She doesn't need anyone's permission to feel glorious.

Joyous Jezebel has a little secret:
She knows that bigger is better, that more is more to love.
Her demure demeanor belies her pleasure in her own desirableness.
She has discovered the secret to happiness is to fall in love with herself.

Splendid Sophia luxuriates in her own sensuality.
Her supreme confidence comes from understanding herself and the power of her appeal.
With her stunning glamour and sublimely fleshy hips, belly, and thighs, she knows that her body is worthy of love exactly as it is in this moment.

Your purchase includes your choice of 2 greeting cards (see drop-down menus above) and free shipping.

With their strips of super-strong velcro, they will attach to any clean flat surface including glass, wood, plastic.
Each of the wall sculptures is personally signed and numbered by me, the artist, Darina Walker.

They are 6" tall and
made of poured stone and finished in bronze patina.

I am happy to offer personalization with your name (or a name of your choice) on the back of the wall sculpture.
Just type in your first name in the personalization box above.

Rebellion is when you look society in the face and say I understand who you want me to be but I am going to show you who I actually am. 
-  Anthony Anaxagorou