Because sexy is not a size!

About the Artist


Darina Walker

I am passionate about creating sculptures of large women.
I believe the world needs to see how gorgeous and sexy plus size women really are.
I am thrilled to be able to create positive body images to counteract the pervasive intolerance out there.

I want to help heal the wounds created by the culture's obsession with skinniness as the beauty ideal.
With my art, with positive imagery, I hope to elevate the status of large women and counteract negative stereotypes.

There is no question about the beauty, sensuality, and sexiness of large women.
I grew up with a large mother and sister and 
witnessed firsthand their confidence and exuberance.

They both passed in the last year. This is my tribute to them.
I honor them through these images and in so doing keep their memory alive.
Since I feel their presence flow through me as I create them, 
sculpting is my way to stay connected to them.

I hope my work can bring you joy as well. 
I make them because:
Representation matters.
Sexy is not a size.
Beauty cannot be weighed. 

Darina Walker

Because every body is a work of art.

Gallery exhibitions include the Wheel Gallery in London 1997.
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