Because sexy is not a size!

All 12 Wall Sculptures
All 12 Wall Sculptures
All 12 Wall Sculptures
All 12 Wall Sculptures
All 12 Wall Sculptures
All 12 Wall Sculptures
All 12 Wall Sculptures

All 12 Wall Sculptures

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You will receive all 12 body positivity wall sculptures and any 2 greeting cards of your choice!

Rebellion is when you look society in the face and say I understand who you want me to be but I am going to show you who I actually am. 
-  Anthony Anaxagorou

I made these wall plaques to celebrate the authentic sexiness of the large woman, all her voluptuous curves and folds, bumps, and rounds.
The intrinsic femininity of the curvaceous woman can not be denied and should be honored and respected!

Your purchase includes your choice of 2 greeting cards (see drop-down menus)
With their strips of super-strong velcro, they will attach to any clean flat surface including glass, wood, and plastic.

They range from 5" to 8" tall and are made of poured stone,  and are finished in bronze patina.
They are also available with a silver finish, please message me if you prefer silver.

I am happy to offer personalization with your name (or a name of your choice) on the back of the wall sculpture.
Just type in your first name in the personalization box above.

Ella's quiet confidence is a force of nature.
Her contentment and self-love create a healing aura around her.
Her full curves and statuesque beauty are the quintessence of femininity.
She knows the more she loves herself, the more she can love o

Coy Chloe enchants easily with her kittenish sensuality.
Her natural loveliness is enhanced by the wreath of flowers in her long flowing hair.
And the rose she gently grasps symbolizes her tender heart.
She does not compare herself to others because her beauty is beyond compare.

Precious Penelope oozes sensuousness.
She basks in self-satisfaction and relishes seduction.
Her curvaceous hips and lush wavy hair easily entice.
Comfortable in her own skin, she is unapologetically herself.

Elegant Josephine is poised and self-possessed,
Her sweet self-assurance conveys a subtle sexiness.
Generous and inviting with her bouquet of roses,
She is a shining example of body positivity.
Josephine has learned that if she loves herself first everything else falls in line.

Graceful Gisele delights in flirtation.
Her coquettish charm and lavish curves make her irresistible.
Adorned with a wreath of roses that enhance her prettiness,
She knows her body is a work of art.

Ravishing Ruby knows that she is sexy at any size.
Radical body love is her anthem.
Her curvaceous hips and ample bosom arouse the most ardent of admirers.
She doesn't need anyone's permission to feel glorious.

Darling Daphne’s self-love and carefree attitude emanate from a joy deep inside.
Her dynamic pose reflects the power of her curvy confidence.
She is unabashedly herself because she knows that the bravest thing you can be is yourself.

Joyous Jezebel has a little secret:
She knows that bigger is better, that more is more to love.
Her demure demeanor belies her pleasure in her own desirableness.
She has discovered the secret to happiness is to fall in love with herself.

To be beautiful means to be yourself.
You don’t need to be accepted by others.
You need to accept yourself.
-Thich Nhat Hanh